Michiel Eduard released Naluri – Mama    December 7th, 2016
Michiel Eduard and Wawan Sosiawan just released their new song in band format.
The new and fresh band Naluri published the first song titled “Mama” November 27th.
Michiel wrote the song for saudara Fina Sampe who just lost her mother and who did not have the chance to attent the funeral which was held in Toraja, Sulawesi. The video clip has been shot in October in Toraja with Fina as model. The official video clip is out now on youtube.

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit – Buktikanlah    September 10th, 2015
The official video clip is out now!

Bali Post 25th July
Single release Buktikanlah in the Bali Post. Click here to read it!

Buktikanlah Feat. Hengky Supit – New Song!   June 22th, 2015
A new song has been recorded. This time, the genre is more close to Michiel Eduards taste.
It’s a mix of rock and rap. Buktikanlah is written by Michiel early 2015 and the song is a question mark for the many lovely words used in a relationship. Sweet words are nice but who knows for sure if the spoken words are really comming from the heart? In Michiels new single “Buktikanlah” you can hear an Indonesian rock legend on the guitar. It’s the Indonesian rock vocalist Hengky Supit who was very popular in the 90’s with songs as “Bila Engkau Ijinkan“, “Isi Hati“, “Berat Sengsara“, “Kembali Ke Sangkar Abadi”  and many more. As the lead singer of the Indonesian band Whizzkid, they were good for more than 20.000 visitors during their concerts. Hengky moved to Amsterdam and married a Dutch beauty. He is back now playing the guitar on “Buktikanlah”. The single and video clip will be released this summer.
(click on capture to enlarge).

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit - Buktikanlah

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit – Buktikanlah

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit - Buktikanlah

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit – Buktikanlah

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit - Buktikanlah

Michiel Eduard Feat. Hengky Supit – Buktikanlah













Ku Ingin Kau – The Official Music Video  December 23rd, 2014
The new video is online now! Directed by Ivho Sihombing, made in Jakarta. Check it out!

New single out now!  October 19, 2014

The new single “Ku Ingin Kau” has been officially released. The song is written by Michiel Eduard a couple of years ago and is recorded in The Netherlands earlier this year.ku_ingin_kau

The video clip will be launched late 2014.

Currently Michiel is touring in Sumatera, Java,Sulawesi and Bali to promote his new single.
Go to iTunes now and download Ku Ingin Kau directly!!
Listen to Michiel Eduard – Ku Ingin Kau:

Back in Jakarta after 4 years   October 14, 2014

During a short stay of 2 days in Jakarta Michiel met his good friends Gading and Gisel who usually like to travel to Amsterdam or Milan during their stay in Europe.gading_Gisel_Michiel
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MICHIEL EDUARD AT VISI FM MEDAN During a short stay in Sumatera, Michiel stepped by at one of the most popular radio stations in Medan. Check out the short interview at VISI FM Medan.

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